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About VTE 2022

We would like to announce the VIRTUAL TOURISM EXPO 2022 (VTE2022) will be held on 24-27 of February 2022 at DiTTAM Virtual Convention Center (DVCC). Designed to mirror a real expo, VTE2022 was the virtual platform for the tourism industry to promote its brands, destinations and sell products and services. We will send a special invitation to more than 10,000 visitors that have registered during the VTE2022. The marketing campaign will start in early January.

Aimed to better the success of the inaugural edition, VTE2022 continues to offer immersive experiences for visitors and exhibitors alike. VTE2022 is expected to draw 20000 visitors with international exhibitors participating and offering their products and services directly to visitors.

Join us on the journey of the digital world.

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About VTE 2021

VIRTUAL TOURISM EXPO 2021 (VTE2021) took place from 27th to 29th August 2021 at DiTTAM Virtual Convention Centre (DVCC). Designed to mirror a real expo, the three days mega tourism event, VTE2021 is the first Virtual Tourism Expo in interactive 3D, promoting tourism products and services in Malaysia. VTE2021 also featured the Virtual Auditorium for product presentations and webinars.

The visitors experienced a new dimension of the Travel and tourism exposition in 3D. VTE2021 offered an immersive and engaging experience for visitors to interact with more than one hundred exhibitors. VTE2021 was a great one-stop bargain center for visitors to deal directly with the exhibitors and discover, explore and enjoy the offers with peace of mind from wherever they are.

This Malaysia’s first 3D Interactive virtual tourism platform attracted 150 exhibitors, 10,000 visitors, numerous local and international news portals, and social media coverages with notable sponsors including Tourism Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines, and State Tourism Offices. The Lucky Draws and Buyers Contest total prizes were worth RM30,000 and total sales of RM300,000 were generated from VTE2021.

The aforementioned numbers are the testaments that the VTE2021 was a great success – a success of digital adoption in the Malaysia tourism landscape.

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About DiTTAM

DiTTAM was officially registered on 13 April 2021 with the aim to support the transformation of Malaysia’s tourism industry in the digital space. DiTTAM brings together tourism industry players, technology solutions providers, and tourism stakeholders to collaborate, synergize and contribute toward “Empowering Digital Travel” for the nation.

VTE2021 has In August 2021, set the stage for the new norm in Malaysia tourism space as it kicked off Malaysia’s first virtual tourism expo in a 3D interactive format. This is a part of the DiTTAM Digital Onboarding program for Malaysia’s tourism players.

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