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Exhibitor Registration

VTE2022 offers a choice of 2D* and 3D Booth. An option for a 2D booth for businesses that require a simple presence.

Both choices of booths present you with the opportunity for branding with your business card, Logo, banner and videos, and digital brochure.

VTE2022 offers exhibitors the advantages :

Cost Saving Up To 80% compare with in-person exposition Easy Set Up and Customization
Real-time database and visitors analytics Adopting Digital Technology – a New Norm
Global Network , Worldwide Audience Accessibility 24/7 and no logistic cost
Weatherproof – Rain or Shine Advance Interactive 3D
Live communication Cashless Transaction

The Booth Features

Chat function with representative availability
Marketplace & payment gateway integration
Exchange Business Card* in which visitors can exchange their business card with exhibitors
Exhibitors Directory in VTE2022
Be the first 50 Early Bird registrations, and stand a chance to present their products or services at our enhanced Virtual Auditoriums

Early Bird Offer

The Booth Prices

3D Booth Rate

2D Booth Rate

Be the first to register and save 50% of the booth prices

RM 2,500.00

RM 1,500.00

Offer before 15th January 2022 or first 100 Booths (whichever come first)

RM 1,250.00

RM 750.00

Term and Conditions

50% discount to all VTE2021 Exhibitors
20% discount to all new Exhibitors
10% discount to all Travel Associations registered in Malaysia
All exhibitors to provide their Motac Licenses

Exhibitor Guideline

Upon approval of your registration, you will receive an email which requires you to confirm your participation by making the payment and request for the Booth Access by using this link.

Upon securing you Booth Access you may proceed to the following actions:

1 – Submit your product and services or packages of product and services.

1.1 – VTE Merchant Registration
1.2 – VTE Packages / Products Submission

2 – Register for Marketplace set-up example “https://yourcompany.malaysiaexpo.net”

3 – Apply for an online payment gateway for your marketplace.

DiTTAM will organize online training sessions to familiarize all exhibitors with the processes and procedures of VTE2022.


3D Booth

2D Booth