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Opportunities to Boost Your Brand on Online

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, everything’s gone virtual. From webinars, to one-day events, to networking with VTE2022 exhibitors and visitors. Internet usage has shot through the roof. Why not take advantage, and use this time to introduce your organisation to VTE2022 holiday makers.

Introducing VTE2022 newest sponsorship packages – Digital Retargeting. You have the opportunity to display your company’s products & services to our visitors. With over 35,000 engaged contacts – showcase your latest offerings and remain top-of-mind when businesses return to normal.

Why Sponsor VTE2022

Don’t miss the chance to get your message out to over 25,000 visitors who will visit virtually Virtual Tourism Expo 2022. We are pleased to offer you several ways to be a visible presence at VTE2022.

Pre-event Advertising

A lot of work goes into the pre-event marketing, and your sponsors should be included every step of the way. This is just as true for virtual events as for physical events. Here are some of the key ways to incorporate sponsors into your event marketing

Event website and landing page

Include sponsor logos, have a sponsor section on your website or landing page, and if resources allow, create sponsor profile pages to explain to your audience who they are, what they do and their connection with your event.

Banner advertising

Include key sponsor logos in your event banner advertising.

Social media posts

VTE2022 will Tag sponsors in VTE2022 social posts and to promote our sponsor and their involvement to our visitors. We cam provide our sponsors with content so they can promote VTE2022 and their sponsorship in their own social posts.

VTE2022 newsletter

VTE2022 newsletter will include sponsor logos and links to our sponsors website in VTE2022 regular newsletters to visitors and prospects.

Event, reminder and last-chance to register emails

VTE2022 will mention sponsors, include logos and provide links in all VTE2022 event-specific email communications including event announcements, reminder emails, and last-chance to register emails.

Registration confirmations

Once your visitors have registered, we will include sponsor logos, links and value-added offers.

During the event

VTE2022, have more things to offer during the event day to maximum your sponsorship with us.


On-screen at the lobby

Explore branding and logo opportunities with our digital event provider. VTE2022 will include premium sponsor logos on-screen throughout the event with links.


Transition slides during webinars

There always be a gap to allow for a quick test of the tech between sessions, which is a great time to feature our sponsors. Transition slides can feature ours sponsor logos with links, offers, competitions and other content during the down-time between sessions.

dittam virtual booth1


VTE2022 offer sponsors a chance to record corporate videos to run at the main lobby which visible to all VTE2022 visitors. Encourage your sponsors to create a video for the event itself to ensure it’s relevant.

help desk1

Polls, competitions and surveys

VTE2022 comes to interactive elements such as ‘polls’, competitions and surveys held during the event. Visitors online, can takes a click or a quick comment in the survey. We includes our sponsors logo in the digital forms.

web (1)

Digital event bag

For hardened conference-goers, the delegate bag is all part of the fun of attending events. In the virtual world, this can be replicated in an online format. Create a web page or use the call-to-action option above to give delegates access to a range of special offers from sponsors. These may be provided online or posted later, creating added engagement between your sponsors and your attendees.


Networking and sponsor meetings

If you’re experienced in the art of virtual events, you may wish to explore more advanced options in place of physical sponsor benefits such as networking via event chat rooms, or one-on-one meetings between sponsors and speakers or delegates. Ask your digital event provider about the options on offer.


Online exhibition booths and trade halls

Similarly, your sponsors may previously have taken a booth on your physical event’s exhibition floor or trade hall. Your virtual event sponsors may benefit from setting up the digital equivalent of a trade booth, with live online chat, online brochures, pre-recorded video, special offers, product demos and so on.


Unlike physical events, virtual events can live on, online, for up to a year, attracting views, building engagement, informing visitors and promoting our sponsors. They are also a great source of video contents for your own brand at VTE2022.

Here are a few formats to ensure our sponsors can continue to leverage their investment in your VTE2022

Post-event emails and social

We acknowledge VTE2022 sponsors in VTE2022 post-event emails with mentions, sponsor logos and links.

Video snippets

VTE2022 can be packaged up into highlight reels, individual webinars sessions and short-form video snippets.

VTE2022 will include sponsor acknowledgements such as opening and closing slides with logos and links.


We will provide the data to VTE2022 sponsors with the right permission from our VTE2022 visitors. alk with your digital event provider about tracking attendee registrations, and event engagement, as well as


TYPE  / Value

Lobby Video  Website  Social Media  Speech Announcement Lobby Banner Auditorium Banner

Banner in Exhibition Hall

Official Destination

RM 50,000 

Airlines Partner 

RM 20,000

Telco Partner 

RM 15,000

Official  Partners

RM 10,000

Gold Package

RM 5,000.

Silver Package

RM 3,000

Bronze Package

RM 2,000

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